A huge number of sports fans hold their meetings in Rileys establishments. These bars are spread throughout the country and have a reputation for being the best places to watch contests and entertainment together. Thanks to a long history of activity, the bar has managed to win the hearts of many lovers of good drinks, delicious food and entertainment.

The format of the institution was liked by the English workers who were looking for a place where they could gather in the evenings and discuss the success of their favorite team in the last championship.

This franchise has a rich history and vast experience that has allowed the development of an entire entertainment industry that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors across the country.

Rileys venues usually have multiple floors that are separated by different activities, allowing multiple streams to be broadcast at the same time.

Also, in addition to large screens, there are many different games inside that allow you to have fun:

  • American pool;
  • Snooker;
  • Darts;
  • Foosball;
  • Ping pong.

In some individual establishments, you can also sing karaoke or play chess and checkers.

Let’s learn more about the history of the creation and development of this unique institution.

Rileys History

The history of this sports bar dates back to 1878. It was then that the creator of the first bar, banker Edward John Riley, stopped his activities as a banker and decided to devote his life to his main passion for cricket, tennis, and billiards. He decided to start making equipment for these activities and opened his own bar, where fans gathered, drank, and discussed the latest tournaments.

At that time there was no television, but the visitors read the newspapers aloud and listened in fascination about the new achievements of their team. When the radio became commonplace, bars began to install a speaker that constantly broadcast the latest sports news.

With the advent of television, Edward’s establishment became even more popular, and therefore they had to expand and create a whole franchise that allowed them to open a Riley-branded establishment in any city. Thanks to this, in many cities there is a sports bar, which has become a real attraction, and is popular with both tourists and locals.

With delicious food, good service, and a great atmosphere, the franchise was doing well. This led to the fact that a large financial organization Weight Partners Capital (WPC) bought out the rights to the franchise and has been promoting the network of establishments since 2014. This merger made it possible to open many new bars and equip them with the latest technology.

Rileys Nowadays Service

At the moment, the Rileys franchise is so popular and profitable that it even trades its shares on the stock exchange. Every day across the UK, hundreds of thousands of visitors come to places to see their friends, watch tournaments and play billiards.
On the institution’s website, you can always order a viewing of any event that is broadcast on the big screen.

Usually, the premises are designed for a minimum of 100 people, which provides enough space for a company of any size.

The company has over a hundred years of experience and sets high standards of service that have made it popular all over the world.

Now You Know Where to Go in the UK

If you are going to visit the UK, then now you know for sure that Rileys Sports Bar is the right place to visit. This is a win-win option for true sports fans who appreciate the high quality of the broadcast, delicious food, and first-class service.

Even if you are not particularly interested in the latest championships, and watching broadcasts for hours makes you tired, you can always play various games and compete with your friends in a game of billiards or ping pong. Also, such places are the most suitable place to make new acquaintances.

Many analysts testify that sports bars are now experiencing an unprecedented surge in popularity. A huge number of young people fill sports bars and spend their free time there. So make sure you reserve your spot at Rileys in advance!