This sports bar is a true embodiment of the American Dream. From a small tavern on the outskirts of Philadelphia to a chain of establishments that are recognized as Number 1 in North America.

In every detail of this institution, a careful approach is felt. The interior, food, and drinks are perfectly matched, which allows you to create an unforgettable atmosphere that you want to return to.

It is interesting that Chickie’s & Pete’s is a private family business. No corporation has been able to buy the rights to the property, and the owner is the son of the founder, Pete Ciarrocchi.

The main feature of the restaurant is its crab dishes, which are wildly popular with visitors. Also, the founder of the first institution, Peter Ciarrocchi, took care of developing the maximum comfortable environment inside the premises. It was he who became the first owner of the establishment, who put up chairs, which allowed visitors to sit and comfortably watch what was happening on the screen.

Prior to this, many sports bar owners did not allow their customers to sit, forcing the flow of customers to speed up for more profit.

Peter went the other way and did not lose. He realized that a careful attitude to each client and attention to detail make his small business successful!

Let’s get acquainted with the amazing history of this institution and trace the development from a small tavern to the most prestigious chain of establishments in North America.

Chickie’s & Pete’s History

The history of the sports bar begins in 1977 with the purchase of a tavern on Robbins Avenue by the married couple Peter and Henrietta Ciarrocchi, who at that time already owned the deli. They always wanted to fulfill their dream of a small family restaurant and apply their gastronomic skills. The couple was obsessed with crabs. They started making crab in 10 different ways and even crab-flavored potatoes!

The institution quickly gained popularity due to the unusual menu and cozy interior. The owner, Peter, was attentive to detail and personally equipped the first establishment, after which all subsequent sports bars were organized.

Often, the owners themselves stood behind the bar, poured drinks for visitors, and brought food. This ensured great love by regular visitors and earned the establishment the fame of a real family restaurant.

The couple dreamed of expanding, but Peter Sr. died in 1987, 10 years after the opening of the first restaurant. However, Chika’s wife did not give up and inspired Peter Jr. to continue his father’s work.

It was Peter Jr. who became the new director of Chickie’s & Pete’s and took on the active development of the family business. It was he who led the company to unprecedented success.

Chickie’s & Pete’s Nowadays

At the moment, the first institution in Philadelphia is the headquarters of the entire network, from where all institutions are managed.

In total, the network has 19 restaurants throughout North America, which offer visitors to eat, drink and watch their favorite sporting events in high quality on large screens.

Sports bar halls are equipped with the latest technology and meet high international standards.

Except sports broadcasts, visitors have access to:

  • Snooker;
  • Darts;
  • Foosball;
  • Karaoke;
  • Air hockey.

The institution was noticed by ESPN, which carefully inspected each of the 19 establishments and concluded that no other institution provides such exceptional service to its customers and presented the award as the TOP 1 sports bar in North America.

Such recognition indicates that family-run establishments can compete with large corporations and take their place.

Visit Chickie’s & Pete’s and Enjoy the Family Service

The main advantage of this sports bar is its traditions and values. Due to the fact that the owner and managers are one family, the management process is carried out much more carefully than in large companies.
A careful attitude to each client is felt in the atmosphere of the institution and everything is saturated with family care.

Visitors are delighted with delicious crab dishes that have no equal.

Visit ESPN’s Best Place and enjoy amazing service that won’t leave you indifferent.